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श्रद्धावाननसूयश्च शृणुयादपि यो नर: |
सोऽपि मुक्त: शुभाँल्लोकान्प्राप्नुयात्पुण्यकर्मणाम् ||


shraddhAvAnanasUyashcha shRRiNuyAdapi yo nara: |
so.api mukta: shubhA.NllokAnprApnuyAtpuNyakarmaNAm ||

Srimadbhagavadita – 18.71

The Blessed Lord said – The one, full of faith and free from malice, who listens to this knowledge will be liberated from sins and attains the auspicious abodes where the pious dwell.

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